Don’t just live your life –
ROCK your life!


Hi Beautiful!

I’m so happy you’re here.

I’m Coach Emmy, and my mission in life is to inspire, motivate, and empower you so you can stop just living life – you can start to ROCK your life!

Living a rockin’ lifestyle is so much more than just vanity or looking hot (although looking hot seems to be a common byproduct!). When I say rockin’ lifestyle, I’m talking about how you feel. I’m talking about feeling proud, confident, and totally FREE. I’m talking about loving who you are and feeling fabulous about it! I’m talking about being totally switched on to the world and having the certainty within to bring your bad ass self out and show ‘em what you got!

I’ve had some major ups and downs with my health and my mindset- but I learned how to rise high above the drama and depression by taking control of my mind, body, and soul and lighting my life on FIRE. Join my community of kick ass women who are doing the same with their lives right now, charging full steam ahead toward creating the life and body of their dreams!



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